Wife reached Canada then husband committed suicide !!

Wife forgot to reach Canada then husband committed suicide

This incident of Barnala in Punjab was committed by a young man named Lovepreet, the true incident.


The craze of going abroad among boys and girls has grown so much that then are ready to make any kind of agreement to go abroad .

To carry out this agreement, his parents also support him . A similar case has come to the fore from Barnala district, Dhanoula district. In the hope of sending a girl to canada who got elets done by spending about 18 lakh rupees, she will go to canada.

The wife was sent canada, when she did not get any response for a couple of weeks after reaching canada, the young man committed suicide. 
After the suicide of the young man. many such cases came out in which some boys or girls were involved in such a crime, for which no action has been taken yet. 

Tell the people that the name of the boy is lovpreet singh and the name of his wife is beant kaur bajwa and lovepreet singh was recently married to Beant kaur bajwa.
He was a resident of Barnala district in punjab . 

The same other cases have started  coming to the fore this atmosphere has shaken everone not only in punjab but even in canada .many such cases came to the for after lovepreet's suicide and there have been many such cases like lovepreet which have come out of the rise 

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