Another daughter of India will do space travel !!

 Sirsa Bandla Another daughter of India will do space travel

Sirsa Bandla After India-born Kalpana Chawla, another India's daughter is going to create history.


Sirsa Bandla

Sirsa Bandla, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, is going to travel to space with famous industrialist Richard Branson, this flight will take place from Mexico on July 11.Out of 6 people who went on this journey, 2 are women, besides Sirsa one other woman is Bess Moses.

34-year-old Sirsa is an aeronautical engineer, he graduated from Pardur University, India.Sirsa Bandla is the Vice President of Government Affairs and Research, Virgin Galactic Company.Sirsa has achieved such senior position in version galactic in just 6 years.

After Kalpana Chawla, she is the second Indian-born woman who will go to space, while there will be the fourth Indian to go into space.He tweeted a video saying that I am honored to be part of the #Unitu22 crew and a company whose mission is to make space accessible to all Sirsa Bandra was born in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh And she grew up in Humsons, Texas so she's seen rockets and spacecraft coming and going.Since then she wanted to become an astronaut but she could not become a pilot through the Air Force because her vision was weak.

Sirsa's grandfather Bandla Raghiya is an agricultural scientist, where is she on this achievement of her granddaughter, I have always seen her enthusiasm to achieve something big And finally she is going to fulfill her dream I believe she will achieve success in her mission and will make the whole country proud.

Sirsa's father Dr. Muralidhar, a scientist, is a member of the Senior Executive Services in the US government, Richard Branson said in the announcement on Thursday evening His next space flight will be on July 11, in which a total of 6 members are taking part, his spacecraft will fly from New Mexico, all the members are employees of the company, this is the fourth flight of  Virgin Galactic to go to space.

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